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A picture of the author of Nurturing Neurodivergence, Jasmine Loo

Hi, I’m Jasmine Loo

a multiply neurodivergent
psychologist, clinical supervisor & author. 

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Jasmine's Debut Book's Official Release Date

2 December 2023

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A neuroaffirming book designed to help you with:

  • Self-understanding

  • Self-acceptance

  • Understanding autism & ADHD beyond the DSM-5-TR

  • The bits and bops involved in building healthy relationships in your life





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The cover design for the book, Nurturing Neurodivergence: The Late-Identified Adults' Guide to Building Healthy Relationships with Self and Others. Shows a rainbow-coloured infinity symbol that turns into a seedling on one end, and roots on the other. An ADHD butterfly rests on the symbol.
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Read on to find out what the Booklife (which is a supplement branch of Publishers Weekly) editorial review is saying about Nurturing Neurodivergence

"Neurodivergent psychologist Loo debuts with this uplifting compendium of recommendations and techniques for late-identified neurodivergent adults to build healthy relationships, self-acceptance, and more. With a goal to “not just be ‘aware’ of neurodivergence, but also embrace and celebrate it,” Loo opens with the need to use neurodivergent language and a brief, but thorough, consideration of just what neurodivergence encompasses, followed by tips that range from how to cleanly communicate to positive self-care approaches. The tone is warm and inviting, and Loo makes it clear that readers should absorb the information at their own pace and take time to rest when needed.


Loo acknowledges that neurodivergence is a relatively new revelation and should be viewed through a flexible lens, with an understanding that appropriate language and methodology may change over time. “Ongoing reflection from society is necessary to ensure that we’re always trying to better understand, represent and support the neurodivergent community” she urges, and readers will find a wealth of affirmative ideas and approaches here that attest to those beliefs. Topics of note include masking neurodivergence to be viewed as “socially acceptable” (and the harm that goes along with that), healthy versus unhealthy power dynamics in relationships, and the need to avoid the common neurodivergent pitfall of people-pleasing.


Readers will find the colorful graphics, diagrams, and journaling opportunities particularly useful; Loo utilizes mind maps to illustrate complex topics, and visuals such as a “self-care menu” and a layout of creative stims ideas—self-care activities to help regulate emotions—are bold, bright, and incredibly helpful. The message is clear: “Being pressured to live like a [neurotypical]… is like forced cultural assimilation in the ethnocultural context.” While she writes that the material is meant for those who identified their neurodivergence in adulthood rather than childhood, this handbook will also prove a valuable tool for any neurodivergent or neurotypical reader.


Takeaway: Enlightening, supportive resource for late-identified neurodivergent adults.


Comparable Titles: Steve Silberman’s NeuroTribes, Zosia Zaks’s Life and Love."


Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

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The Booklife review of Nurturing Neurodivergence will be printed in the December 18th edition of Publisher Weekly's December Booklife Supplement.

"A BookLife Review is a detailed book review written by an expert Publishers Weekly reviewer."

"The BookLife Reviews editorial team independently determines which books are selected as Editor's Picks, based solely on the book's literary merits. "

"An Editor's Pick, indicated by a lightning bolt and "Editor's Pick" box to the left of the title or at the beginning of the review, is a book of outstanding quality."

From Booklife website

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"In hindsight, it may have been ignorance and, you could say,... arrogance on my part to decide to self-publish from the get-go. With zero prior experience, I totally under-estimated how much I'll (need to) be learning in the process. But being neurodivergent, it's important I feel in control of my own work, and so I'd never considered approaching traditional publishers throughout the whole process. Coming out of this experience, at least I could say that I now have experience with, like, 50 additional skills. I'm also incredibly humbled and thankful that my book got the recognition from people who actually do this professionally. And if the skills and experience I acquired could help out a fellow colleague, I'll be honoured."

- Jasmine Loo

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