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Jasmine is a neurodivergent psychologist working from her psychology practice in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to providing professional supervision to students and other professionals, she works with clients across the neurodiverse spectrum in the context of both psychotherapy and assessment. Working with neurodivergent clients and culturally and linguistically diverse clients are her main areas of professional interest. Outside of work, her special interests include restoring old furniture and doing pyrography on wood in her woman cave. 

Exclusive Interview with Jasmine

Challenge: Answer in 10 seconds.

Tell us something we didn't know about you.
I never grew out of my punk goth 'phase'.

When did you know you wanted to be a psychologist?
When I knew (what I wanted to be) was called a psychologist - early teens. But technically before.

When did you decide to become an author?
Um... 7 months or so before Nurturing Neurodivergence got out.

When were you identified as ND?
Mid- to late-20s.

Most ND thing you've ever done?
Geez, does anyone know that? Hmm... Hmm...
Quick! 10 seconds!
OK OK, I have a glorious story involving smelling rain and a workplace bully, but can't fit into 10s, so that's that.

Most beautiful place you've visited?
Kangaroo Island. Or Rottnest Island. Kangaroo.

Favourite colour?
Since black is technically not a colour... Lilac. Err some sort of purple.

What's an accommodation you wish you had at school?
Ha! Getting rid of the ruddy fluorescent lights.

Something relaxing that's never relaxing for you?
Any sort of car rides. Cruises.
Motion sickness. 

Jasmine Loo casual photo

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl. But mainly a perpetually tired pigeon.

A habit others find super weird?
Er... Oh, oh! I eat my cereals dry. 

What??? Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this up close and personal interview with Jasmine!

Divergent is a group therapy program written by Jasmine for late-identified neurodivergent adults, and is what her debut book, Nurturing Neurodivergence, is based on. The group is currently run at her psychology practice is Moorabbin (VIC Australia) and online via Telehealth.


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Divergent Adults' Group Therapy Program

The cover design of Jasmine Loo's recent project, Divergent Adult ADHD autism group therapy program

Latest Projects

My latest projects
Pink Sugar

Are you a fellow psychologist thinking of publishing a book, but not sure where to start?

Always been thinking of sharing your wealth of knowledge with the wider public but find it all too daunting? That's fair enough - it's a steep learning curve to write and publish a book. The entire process can be really confusing and overwhelming for a first-timer.

Send Jasmine an email today to find out how she could use her experience to help you as a private consultant in this space. *Consultation time can also be counted towards annual CPD requirements.

"In hindsight, it may have been ignorance and, you could say,... arrogance on my part to decide to self-publish from the get-go. With zero prior experience, I totally under-estimated how much I'll (need to) be learning in the process. But being neurodivergent, it's important I feel in control of my own work, and so I'd never considered approaching traditional publishers throughout the whole process. Coming out of this experience, at least I could say that I now have experience with, like, 50 additional skills. I'm also incredibly humbled and thankful that my book got the recognition from people who actually do this professionally. And if the skills and experience I acquired could help out a fellow colleague, I'll be honoured."

                                                                                    - Jasmine Loo

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